Chef Paul Collins Consultancy

CPC Food Consultancy Ltd has developed management procedures that quickly and effectively deal with issues and deliver additional gross profits.  We work with all sizes of hotels, restaurants and food businesses, consulting on every aspect of their food operation.

'Paul's professional advice, vision, and expert knowledge of the sector, was invaluable to us in taking over the restaurant contract at Westonbirt Arboretum. He worked on menu planning, SOPs, and staff training and helped us create systems to absorb the sometimes unpredictable demand of a weather dependant venue. He proved to flexible, reliable and easy to deal with, producing timely reports to back up his work. I would highly recommend him for consultancy work across the sectors.' Richard Ball, Chairman, Calcot Manor. 

Consultancy Services Offered:


In the first instant an introductory visit establishes the extent to which a venue could benefit from our services. To arrange a visit please either get in touch by calling 0777 4877902 or emailing